Joe's Journey (I'm Jelly)

So, I have this friend, Joe.

I know, I know. This sounds like it's going to be a bogus story, but hear me out.

I have this friend, Joe. Well, maybe he's not a friend. Maybe that's a bit of a harsh word. Joe is a guy with whom I used to work. And, to be fair, I'm pretty sure that 6 years ago, when we worked together, that we were not friends. Actually, I'm pretty sure that Joe disliked me very much.

Ooh, I'm going to say it... yeah... I was Joe's boss. And other than that one time in February 2011 when he and William and I went to Atlantic City on the company dime, I can't say that we ever did anything that would resemble a friendship (but that was a fun trip).

So, what's the point of my story, you ask...

I have been following along in Joe's blog, and I have found myself inspired. Like me, he admits to also being in the process of going through a midlife crisis (although he calls it something else), and instead of continuing down the path of comfort, he has decided to really challenge himself. He has removed almost everything that one would consider to bring comfort - a home, a bed, a moderated temperature, a job with steady cash flow, and even other humans. Joe sold everything he owned, packed up his Subaru, and went on a road trip.

Joe is on journey. He is attempting to do something that has never been completed before - the Scientific Road Trip.

He has quite a back story, one that I'm not really at privy to say (although you can read his bio here), but let's just say that when he left CCE all of those many years ago, he left for a reason. And since he left, he's had quite an amazing life. Joe went back home to Missouri and continued to focus on his artwork. His trade took him from starting his own business of visual art and photography to entertainment, as a stand up comedian. Joe is not afraid of new things. Joe is not afraid of a challenge.

Throughout this process of self reflection since I've begun my #selfproclaimedmidlifecrisis, I've considered this option of packing it all up and leaving also. Although, in my midlife crisis, I pack up a tent and a sleeping bag and head out to the woods to conquer the Appalachian Trail. (Please note the word, "considered".) I would have loved to have had the courage to do what Joe is doing. I admire him for actually attempting this feat, especially on days like today, when he's in a strange and depressing place and he's having a hard time remembering why he's doing it at all.

So, it is my intention to "help a brotha out." You may have seen me sharing some of his pages on my Facebook page lately. I would like to spread the word of his trip. I would like to help him to find sponsors. I would like to help him to succeed. Because, let's be real here, I cannot walk away from all of my responsibilities (my responsibilities have names, and social security numbers, and appetites). So, instead, I will support Joe and live vicariously through him (from the comfort of my couch, using my wifi, in my 72 degree apartment).

So take a moment to check out Joe's page. He is quite a talented artist, a phenomenal photographer, and he's got a fantastic editor who is working pro bono (shameless plug) to help him to tell his story.

If nothing else, check out his page just to see the fantastic places he's visited (is visiting) just because he is doing what we all wish we could do. Or, to watch as he suffers through this intolerable vagabond life.

Do it for me. Do it for him. Do it for yourself. Whatever your reason, just click here.


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